Do we have any discord channel

Hi everyone,
I’m interested in flower framework where I was working on projects and tutorials about it. I’m wondering if there is a discord channel or not ?

Optionally, I’ve created one if y’all interested, contributions are welcome. Moreover, the slack link has expired FYI (@least I couldn’t access it at all)

Thank you for reading this post, I hope I could meed flower enthusiasts as well.

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Hey @burak ,
welcome to the community and thank you for your message!

When researching for our own Flower User Forum we also looked at opening a Discord channel. But in the end we decided to go with Flower Discuss instead. For now we will focus on our Flower Slack channel and this Flower Discuss forum. We think it’s a nice mix. But thank you for your kind offer!

(Nice catch with the Slack link, thank you! We’ve fixed it :slight_smile: )



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