Flower AI Summit 2024

Join us and participate in the federated future of AI – decentralized, privacy-preserving and able to safely use all of the world’s data. Register now for this free event.

When? 14. - 15. March 2024
Where? King’s House, London

Visit flower.ai for further details!


We added new posters today: Flower AI Summit 2024

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First of all, thank you very much for Flower AI Summit 2024! It was very interesting. I wanted to ask some questions about when LLMs FlowerTune will be released and if at least the demo is already somewhere (even if it’s on flower nigthly). I haven’t found it and I’m very interested in it. Thanks in advance!


Hi Paula, great to hear you enjoyed FS24!

LLM FlowerTune is already available as a preview, and it works with flwr-nightly in both simulation and networked deployment. Here’s the code example: