Implementing SecAggPlus into my Flower for both simulation and production scenarios

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Original Question:
Hello, I am trying to implement SecAggPlus into my Flower for both simulation and production scenarios. From this code example flower/examples/secaggplus-mt/ at main · adap/flower · GitHub → they used the secaggplus_mod from flwr.client.mod, which is paired with:

app = fl.client.ClientApp(

From what I understand ClientApp is paired with the for long running server. So, just wondering if anyone have any advice on how else can I implement SecAgg for simulation under (start_simulation()) and for production under (start_server())

In addition, I am aware of this SecAggPlus protocol, but I am unsure of how I can integrate this into Flower Federated Learning. So I would be grateful if anyone with experience can help. Thank you in advance! Flower Framework main

Re: SA simulation. The new features, including mods, are not yet compatible with the simulation engine, and hence we didn’t advertise the secaggplus example you used (but likely we will fix it within a month). If you want to use the example, please follow the read me file in the example. And you may also check the if you are interested in how to manually run the example.

Re: SecAggPlus protocol on the doc page, it’s out-dated. Thanks for bringing this up, we will update the page soon.